• Food
  1. No chips, friend potatoes, only corn chips
  2. No soda, kool aid, sugarry drinks. Only tea, water and lemonaids 
  3. Already a vegetarian so meat’s covered 
  4. No snack cakes, cupcakes, icecream or deserts of that kind. only fruit popsicles
  5. Extra vegetables, fruit, and milk
  • Exercise 
  1. Two-mile run every night
  2. Lots and lots of walking
  3. Sit-ups/crunches; something along those lines
  • Inspirations
  1. Kate Moss
  3. Vogue

(and let it be known that I was listening to Fersure by The Medic Droid whilst writing this ok)


Does Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Does Jelqing Actually

Does burn the fat feed the muscle does jelqing actually. Many people are interested in their ideal…

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